Pentax shows NERV, flashes Japan-only Evangelion-flavored Q10s

We've seen Neon Genesis Evangelion-branded devices for quite awhile now, and as a testament to the garish-hued series' longevity, Pentax has announced a special edition, show-themed Q10 series of its own. It'll release a mere 1,500 of the models in Evangelion heroine shades, starting with the Eva-01 model shown above at a price of 59,800 Yen ($660 or so). Besides showing your love for '90s anime, that sum will get you a 12.4-megapixel, mirrorless interchangeable shooter capable of Full HD video, while filling out the already-bounteous Q10 color choices from the hue-loving outfit. Stateside fans of the show will likely be disappointed though -- it'll only be sold in Japan, starting in April. Check the source to see the other colors.