Duncan Jones to helm live-action WoW film

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|01.31.13

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Duncan Jones to helm live-action WoW film
Duncan JonesOK, maybe the long-in-development World of Warcraft film isn't the worst idea ever since the project just picked up Duncan Jones as its director. If that's an unfamiliar name, consider that Jones is the indie maestro behind thoughtful sci-fi fare like Moon and Source Code.

As Topless Robot notes, the fact that Jones' prior protagonists tended to die and respawn over and over again may make him uniquely qualified to helm a picture based on an MMORPG.

The WoW movie, which is being produced by Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros., was at one time rumored to feature Spider-man and Evil Dead auteur Sam Raimi in the director's chair. Jones, who is also the son of rock icon David Bowie, is now charged with the task of translating one of the world's most successful games to the big screen.

This isn't the first time that Jones' name has been floated in connection with the WoW movie, either. Early in 2011, the director was quoted as saying that the production "could be the launch of computer games as good films."
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