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Microsoft Blink Windows Phone Lens app gives users perfect photographical timing (update)

It's no secret that Microsoft and Nokia are aiming to make Windows Phone the OS of choice when it comes to mobile photography, whether through optical image stabilization or the Lens app lineup. The latest camera augmentation code to come down the pike is Blink, an app built by Microsoft Research that brings a special burst mode to WP8 devices. Blink works by snapping a series of 16 shots each time you take a photo, and lets you choose which picture's worth keeping. It's an an excellent tool for those looking to take action photos, but there's a catch -- the pictures taken by Blink are of less-than-impressive quality, with a max resolution of 800 x 488. That said, if such an imaging safety net sounds good to you, there's a video showing it off in action after the break, and you can grab the app at the source below.

Update: It seems that the images Blink produced on our Samsung ATIV Odyssey are not representative of the app's true capabilities. One of the app's creators reached out to tell us that Blink is set to output images that are 1280 x 720, and the glitch we unwittingly discovered is being investigated.