NEC's spring all-in-one PC lineup melds TV with Twitter

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NEC's spring all-in-one PC lineup melds TV with Twitter

Like all-in-one PCs, TV and Twitter? NEC's new desktop PCs might just hit the spot -- if you live in Japan, that is. The company just launched its spring 2013 lineup of Valuestar systems which will be available in two display sizes on February 7th.

Valuestar W computers pack a 23-inch screen and Core i7 processor with the 3D-capable VW970/LS costing ¥235,000 ($2,550) and the 2D-only VW770/LS listing for ¥215,000 ($2,330). The Valuestar N series boast a 21.5-inch display and come in three versions: VN770/LS with Core i7 for ¥195,000 ($2,110), VN570/LS with Core i3 for ¥160,000 ($1.740) and the ¥125,000 ($1,360) Celeron 1000M-equipped VN370/LS. While there are no details on RAM or storage options, all PCs run Windows 8 with Office 2013, and feature TV tuners, Blu-Ray drives (DVD on the VN370/LS), DLNA support, Yamaha sound systems, built-in video tutorials and access to's service.

The 23-inch models provide instant-on TV functionality with three TV tuners (two for recording, one for viewing) while 21.5-inch units include dual TV tuners. NEC offers several ways to control the computer's TV functionality: via standard remote control, using gestures (except VN370/LS), with a custom smartphone / tablet app and even from Twitter, Yes, you can now DM your Valuestar system (even when it's turned off) and tell it to record TV -- what could possibly go wrong? It can also monitor Twitter for mentions of your favorite TV show(s) and overlay a popularity meter right on the screen -- welcome to the future.

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