Powershot repaired for patch 5.2

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Powershot repaired for patch 52
The hunter level 90 ability Powershot has been plagued with bugs since its launch. The hunter ability, which has a very long cast time so philosophically a high risk-reward, was first described as a skill-shot, i.e. an ability that's aimed by the player, similar to priests' Divine Star. This was used to explain away its constantly missing, with Lead Systems Designer Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street asserting that the problem was players not quite using it correctly, and that the problem was hard to reproduce.

Players then began testing this on stationary targets, cc-ed targets and the like, and found that Powershot didn't even hit the primary target. Back in November, Taepsilum posted on the EU forums, saying that a bug had been identified, but that unfortunately it couldn't be implemented until a client-side patch could be carried out, so likely patch 5.2 at the very earliest -- no promises.

Fast forward to today, and Taepsilum has posted the following:


Both Powershot and Glaive Toss have been rebuilt and should now always hit their primary targets, plus, they should also be much more responsive to secondary targets.

This new implementation of the two abilities isn't on PTR yet but will be as soon as both abilities have been through QA. Once we have a new PTR build go live, feel free to test them and provide us with some feedback, this is when it is most important and when it can dramatically change what ends up going live.

Hunters, rejoice! A fix is in, at least preliminarily. Do head over to the PTR and check it out when it's up with the next build.

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