THQ formally drops Farrell, Rubin, executive staff

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THQ formally drops Farrell, Rubin, executive staff
THQ's storybook is down to the final pages, following the rising action of its dropping stock, and the climax of its bankruptcy at the end of 2012 and asset sale in January. Now for the falling action: THQ formally terminated CEO Brian Farrell, President Jason Rubin and Chief Strategy Officer Jason Kay on January 30, made public in an 8-K form filed today.

Earlier in February, Rubin said that THQ's failure was its own fault, and it boiled down to missteps with franchises such as uDraw, the Warhammer 40K MMO and Homefront. "THQ had every chance to survive, had it not made massive mistakes," he said.

THQ's epilogue is up next, wherein we find out what all these new companies will do with its former properties.
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