GetGlue update brings personalized guides, feeds and new ads to iPhone

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GetGlue update brings personalized guides, feeds and new ads to iPhone

Conspicuously timed just after a Super Bowl dubbed by some (mostly marketing types) as the "most social ever", GetGlue has pushed a new version of its app for iPhones. Version 4.0 for Apple's smaller iOS devices brings many of the social features recently added to the iPad app, as the guides gain personalized recommendations of shows you might enjoy. The main feed brings in even more information about shows being watched by your friends plus a way to easily chat with them within the app. Also improved is the amount of background info available for each show, and reminders for major events, premieres and finales -- similar upgrades are listed as coming soon for Android and its mobile website.

Like Foursquare and other location services have shifted focus towards discovery, GetGlue (among others) is doing the same for TV while also improving its profile for businesses. In a move it unveiled with Pepsi during the big game last Sunday, it offers advertisers the opportunity for promoted tied to a particular brand or show, that may pop into your feed if your friends like them. With Twitter itself making a major move into TV experiences it will be interesting how the recently downsized pool of social TV competitors reacts, and who comes out on top. According to GetGlue, 15 percent of all tweets about Pepsi during the Super Bowl came from its app. You can find out if these additions are good ones -- your friends wouldn't share any particularly annoying ads, would they? -- by snagging the new update from iTunes.

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New GetGlue for iPhone, New Ad Product, and Partnership with the GRAMMY Awards
Today we are excited to announce a new GetGlue iPhone app with significant new features, a new advertising product, and a partnership with the GRAMMY awards. The app will be available in the app store Thursday, February 7, at 9 am ET.

New GetGlue for iPhone
GetGlue is a passionate community of nearly 4 million social television fans. Each day fans share what they are watching with friends and chat about their favorite shows. This new release leverages over 700 million data points in our database as well as the best content from around the web to enhance the discovery on both the first and second screen.

1. Feed. The main Feed now combines updates from friends and shows. In addition to seeing what your friends are watching, you now get video clips, pictures, and recaps from your top shows right in your main Feed. Fans no longer have to seek second­screen content on different sites; all the interesting updates come up in their GetGlue Feed.
2. Guide. The new GetGlue comes with a smart, personalized Guide to what to watch on TV, on streaming, and in theaters. The Guide shows you what your friends are watching and what is trending on GetGlue. Sports fans can get live scores and stats for their favorite teams directly in their Guide. Unlike traditional guides, GetGlue is your full entertainment calendar. You can find new episodes, premieres, finales, movies, games, and major events happening in the coming weeks and months, so that you never miss them.
3. Show Pages. The show Feeds bring you live conversations and media surrounding your favorite shows. Fans can chat with with friends, other fans, networks, and stars while watching the shows they love. The new @ to mention feature is a great way to chat with Facebook friends who are not on GetGlue. You can see which of your Facebook friends like the same show and talk to them without leaving GetGlue. You can also use the show pages to get the latest clips, images, and recaps, as well as post your own links to additional content.

Promoted Entries
We are also announcing immediate availability of our new advertising product for brands, networks, and studios. These native advertising units are called Promoted Entries and can show up on the Feed and Guide pages, offering advertisers a way to connect with their customers around TV shows, movies, and major events.
Any type of content ­ a message, a photo, or a video ­ can be promoted and will appear at the top of the Feed for the entire sponsored campaign. When a user likes a Promoted Entry, it becomes viral and hops to friends' Feeds.
Promoted Entries were first unveiled this past Sunday during the Super Bowl in partnership with Pepsi, the exclusive launch sponsor. Pepsi promoted a clip featuring the Fan Made Countdown video leading up to the Pepsi Halftime Show, and then they rewarded fans with a sticker for checking­ in.
During halftime, over 15% of all tweets about Pepsi came from GetGlue. Also, GetGlue was the #2 source of all tweets about Pepsi, only behind Twitter for iPhone. For the GetGlue recap of the Super Bowl, visit this post on our blog.

The GRAMMY Awards
GetGlue is also announcing that it has partnered with the Recording Academy for the upcoming GRAMMY Awards on Sunday, February 10. All fans who check­in to the GRAMMYs via a GetGlue widget on will unlock exclusive branded stickers. In addition, five lucky fans who check­in will win special prize packs, and finally, one very lucky fan will win the grand prize: two seats to next year's GRAMMY awards!

Fun Sticker Upgrades
GetGlue is known for its unique and quirky badge system of digital and real stickers. So far, more than 75 networks have rewarded fans of over 700 shows with exclusive stickers. Today we are pleased to introduce additional fun upgrades for GetGlue stickers:
­ You can now pick the stickers you get every month. ­ You can now get real copies of your stickers sent outside the US. ­ If your friends join GetGlue, you get to unlock past stickers and earn extra free shipping.
The program launches as beta, and in the future fans may need to pay for shipping and handling.

About GetGlue
GetGlue is a community of nearly 4 million passionate TV, movie, and sports fans. GetGlue offers each fan a personalized guide to what to watch on TV, on streaming, and in theaters. Users share what they are watching, chat live with friends and other fans on second screen, and get the latest media and news from their favorite shows. GetGlue is based in New York City and backed by Union Square Ventures, RRE Ventures, TimeWarner Investments, and Rho Ventures.

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