Purported Sony NEX-3N image leaks showing electronic zoom control

An image from an anonymous tipster just leaked to Sony Alpha Rumors showing a possible yet-to-be-announced Sony NEX-3N camera. All that can be gleaned from the pic so far is that such a model might exist, and if so, could have an electronic zoom control. All NEX still cameras have manual zooms only, but Sony did announce a pro video model, the NEX-EA50EH, that packs a servo control for the recent SEL18-200PZ 11x and SELP1650 16-50mm servo zoom lenses. The tipster also said that it'll have the 16-megapixel sensor of the current NEX-F3, which the site pointed out is showing up at a discounted price on Amazon (see coverage) -- another possible sign of a new model. We don't see photo fakery with cameras nearly as often as with smartphones -- but it does happen, so we'll need more than a leaked image before making new camera plans.