Skype updates iOS app with bug fixes, UI tweaks for iPad

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Joseph Volpe
February 7th, 2013
Skype updates iOS app with bug fixes, UI tweaks for iPad

Skype's updating its app for iOS again and, this time, it's more about fixing what's broken, than adding new features. So, users that rush to install this version 4.5 update won't find any new animated emoticons or editing capabilities baked-in, but they will be in store for a more stable build of the popular messaging service. On deck are fixes for instant message threading (so your conversations appear in the proper order), auto-recovery for dropped calls, as well as an option to opt-out of marketing across iDevices. The iPad experience will see a couple of UI refinements, enabling gestures for conversation view, in addition to a layout better customized for iPad mini owners. It's live in the iTunes store right now, so head on to the source for the refreshed goods.

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