CE-Oh no he didn't!: Vodafone's Vittorio Colao says 4G is for 'technofreaks'

Prefer the internet to be, um, fast? That puts you outside the norm, according to Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao. Speaking to investors, he said that he'd visited an EE store to try out 4G LTE speeds for himself and "all I saw [were] technofreaks." As reported by Mobile News, the CEO added that only "early adopters" would notice the difference between LTE and HSPA+ and none of his friends or colleagues have told him "that we need this fast internet." While he may want to start running with a different crowd, EE's already hoisted him on his own petard with a new Twitter campaign -- "EE welcomes technofreaks." See the coverage and image after the fold for more.

[Image credit: WikiMedia Commons]

CEOh no he didn't! Vodafone's Vittorio Colao says 4G for 'technofreaks, early adopters'