Lord Kazzak needs to visit Stormwind again, a lot has changed

Lord Kazzak needs to visit Stormwind again, a lot has changed

One of the earliest memories I have of WoW was hearing a ton of chatter over guild chat about a gigantic boss named Kazzak killing everyone in Stormwind, and that I had to come and see it. I was out in the depths of Eastern Plaguelands, but that didn't stop me. I applied three sunders to the spider I was killing and then burst it down with successive heroic strikes. I dropped everything my warrior was doing and madly clicked on my hearth stone to head back to town, hoping beyond hope that I'd get to see the place destroyed.

I wasn't disappointed. When I arrived I saw something that'll forever be etched into my gaming memory; a hundred foot tall demon stomping around the streets of our fair city, killing everyone who tried to stop it. Nothing would end his rampage save the grace of god. The city guards couldn't even touch him, he just wouldn't die. The priests prayed and shook their Benediction at him, the hunters took out Rhok'delar and let fly the arrows of justice, and then even the server's top warrior came with the legendary Thunderfury. I stood in awe of the warrior, wielding such a powerful weapon, causing blasts of nature damage with his hits. I wanted that sword, and I wanted to be him. But in the end even he succumbed to the inevitable fate that waited for us all that day, Kazzak would not be tamed.

Just as the dead spirits were getting restless, a great booming voice was heard across the city. "One second," said this mystic. Where did it come from? My eyebrows raised and my head cocked, this wasn't something I'd seen in a game before. Was our encounter with the demon lord about to end?

It was then that I saw him, standing at the gate of the keep as if a giant protector stood between the raiding army of barbarians and his king. Alone this simple man in blue cloth faced down the mighty demon killing us all, and alone he stood his ground and didn't die.

Cheers arose from the crowded streets of Stormwind, cries of happiness and thrill came up from every chat channel. The savior had arrived, the Game Master is here and he'll take care of everything. Nothing was too big for this ethereal being to handle, and he proved it to us with a simple flick of his hand; Lord Kazzak fell over in a wavering crash, just like had happened to so many of us.

"Have a good day," the Blizzard mage said. He vanished in front of the large crowd, heading back to what I later learned was his personal island off the stormy seas of the night elf land. Oh to wield that power, to have the wealth to own your personal island home in Azeroth.

After the excitement had died down and the repairs on armor had been made, a mischievous voice rang out on general channel: "Let's do it again! Who wants to go kite Kazzak to Stormwind?"

I'm in.