YouTube's PS3 app arrives (very) fashionably late to Europe

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Steve Dent
February 12th, 2013
YouTube's PS3 app arrives (very) fashionably late to Europe

If you arrive so late to a party that your dress is now out of style, that's pushing it a bit, no? Such is the case with YouTube's PlayStation 3 app, which finally made it across the pond dressed in the same threads we saw way back in August of last year stateside. Europeans will now get the same smartphone remote control, searching functions and subscription channels we saw earlier, along with support for Swedish, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Dutch and Russian languages. That still leaves Scandinavian nations in the lurch, but Google's promised that as localized versions of YouTube have now launched there, Denmark, Norway and Finland will soon have a slice of YouTube app cake for their PS3s, too.

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