Swipe captions across your iOS images with Swipe

Yesterday, a surprising little app crossed my desk. Swipe for iPhone and iPad (US$1.99, universal) enables you to add text and captions to your iOS photos by swiping your finger across any photo.

For two bucks, it's a great idea and a nice app to do something different and useful. It offers a pleasing selection of fonts and controls as well as a wide range of sharing features.

It's one of those apps where you use it and go, "Oh yeah!" The learning curve is miniscule minuscule tiny; the design is strong; and the utility is immediate.

That said, the app has room for improvement. I'd love if the app would provide a little more visual feedback about where the swipe was added. Just some sort of ant-track ghost would really help.

Also, I kept wanting to immediately reswipe and couldn't. As is, if you tap after your swipe, you interact with a text field overlay, rather than re-drawing your line. I'd much prefer to get my line right and only add text after confirming that.

It would be lovely too if you could manually rotate lines after adding them. You can easily drag them around the screen but I kept trying to two-finger-rotate their angles and did not succeed.

Those are minor quibbles. I like the app a lot exactly as it is. I found myself captioning tons of pictures, and there were a couple of clever features (specifically the snap-to-grid option and reset buttons) that won my heart. The app is simple and does what it promises.