FireCore releases updated Apple TV jailbreak tool

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FireCore releases updated Apple TV jailbreak tool

Jailbreak provider FireCore announced yesterday that it has released an update to the Seas0nPass jailbreak tool and aTV Flash (black) Apple TV software. The update supports the 5.2 Apple TV software released by Apple on January 28, 2013, which is essentially iOS 6.1 for the little black box.

So what does FireCore's work do for Apple TV jailbreakers? Well, Apple added support for Bluetooth keyboards in Apple TV 5.2, so now aTV Flash (black) 2.2 works with a keyboard as well. FireCore also made "minor improvements" to backups and DVD playback, and also cleared up some earlier bugs.

FireCore warns that third-party plugins like Plex, Remote HD, Rowmote and XBMC still won't work with Apple TV software newer than version 5.1. To update your device, FireCore suggests that you back up settings through the Maintenance > Manage Backups menu, then run the latest version of Seas0nPass to update your Apple TV to 5.2. Next, download and install version 2.2 of aTV Flash (black), install desired items through Maintenance > Manage Extras, and then restore your saved settings from the Maintenance > Manage Backups menu.

Unfortunately, there's no jailbreak available for the third-generation Apple TV (2012, 1080p version), but if you have a second generation (2010, 720p version) box you can definitely jailbreak your device.

Once all that is accomplished, sit back with your favorite Bluetooth keyboard and enjoy some mind-numbing video entertainment.

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