Scout security system monitors your pad without compromising your feng shui (video)

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While home security systems are definitely making strides towards modernization, we haven't seen many that look the part. However, Sandbox Industries' Scout might be the first home protection option that manages to gel with even the most swanky digs. Available in three stylish trims (black, white and wood), this wireless setup uses a base receiver that communicates with its security sensor panels by way of your home's network. Like most home protection systems, Scout offers remote control and monitoring via computer or mobile device, but the big draw here is its aesthetically pleasing equipment and simplified installation process.

Set to ship in August, packages start at $120 with additional à la carte purchase options depending on your household's needs. For those of you looking to further secure your bunker, Scout's hardware packs backup batteries in the event of a power outage as well as an optional 3G-powered monitoring service with plans starting at $10 per month. Of course, if you're not feeling such a high-tech setup, you could always place toy cars and Christmas ornaments beneath your doorways and window seals. Hey, it worked for Kevin McCallister.

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