The After Math: Balsillie cashes out, Dell goes private and OUYA hits 481

We crunched the numbers just after CES, while the organizers were barely tearing down hundreds of lavishly lit booths. Now, we're going to be making it a regular thing, pulling together and musing on the week's vital statistics. This time around, we watch iPads make an impression on computer shipments, while Dell reorganizes and goes private -- with a little help from Microsoft. All that and more awaits beyond the break.

Estimated number of Apple computer shipments (including iPads) during Q2 2012: 27 million Estimated number of Dell PCs shipped in the same period: 9.7 million Fourth generation iPads and iPad mini sold three days after launch: 3 million Dell's percentage year-on-year decline, according to Canalys: 19 percent Microsoft's loan to Dell, as it goes private: $2 billion Microsoft's purchase price for Skype in 2011: $8.5 billion Estimated percentage of Apple and Samsung's combined global smartphone market share during Q4 2012: 52 Estimated percentage of global smartphone sales by third place BlackBerry: 3.9 BlackBerry stake sold by former co-CEO Jim Balsillie: 5.1 percent Number of new Samsung smartphones announced in 2012: 18 Number of new Apple smartphones announced in 2012: 1 Sony's net loss for the last quarter: $115 million Graphics chipmaker NVIDIA's profits for last quarter: $174 million Amount pledged for the crowd-funded (and NVIDIA-powered) OUYA games console: $8,596,474 Number of game titles confirmed for OUYA: 481 Total number of Sony PlayStation 3s sold as of November 2012: 70 million Total number of PlayStation 2 units sold before being retired: 150 million Date of Sony's new PlayStation event: 20th February 2013