NYT says Tesla Model S review the result of shaky judgment, Musk calls it even

The dust-up over the New York Times' Tesla Model S review may have left no real winners, but that doesn't preclude at least trying to reach the truth. According to the newspaper's Public Editor, Margaret Sullivan, the final answer rests where it often does: in between the two extremes. Following interviews with driver John Broder, Tesla staff and others involved in the tale, the scrutineer believes the review was conducted honestly, but that improper decisions and less-than-precise notes led to the charging woes and accusations of deception that characterized the drive. Broder should have topped up the way the company recommends, but wasn't planning on dragging anyone through the mud, Sullivan says. Whatever you think of her verdict, it's enough for Tesla founder Elon Musk to relax -- he's already saying that the inspection "restored" his trust in the Old Gray Lady's integrity. About the only demand we have left is to get enough Supercharger stations that there's never a repeat incident.