Pet battlers, it isn't too late to get your hands on Peddlefeet

Alex Ziebart
A. Ziebart|02.18.13

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Pet battlers, it isn't too late to get your hands on Peddlefeet
Pet battlers, it isn't too late to get your hands on Peddlefeet
In the world of pet battles, there are two humanoid pets that reign supreme: the Pandaren Monk and the Flayer Youngling. There are competitors to the throne, but the monk and the flayer are your go-to dragonkin slayers in PvE pet battles. One of the two requires a purchase from the Blizzard Store, and while the other is a perfectly valid option, there's beauty in diversity. Why not be different? Why not break social norms and embrace the diversity inherent to the universe? Why not Peddlefeet?

Peddlefeet can be added to your pet journal by using a Truesilver Shafted Arrow, purchased for 40 Love Tokens at Lovely Merchants in capital cities across Azeroth. This item is only sold during Love is in the Air celebrations, which end February 23. You still have most of this week to pick up those 40 tokens, and it's just about the easiest thing in the world. You can either do Love is in the Air daily quests or murder hapless mobs (which award experience) for Lovely Charms, which can then be exchanged for Love Tokens. You have plenty of time. Do it!

Peddlefeet's dragonslaying abilities are as follows: Your standard, all-in selection of abilities here would be Bow Shot, Lovestruck, and Shot Through the Heart. If you're out to kill dragonkin, you really want that dragonkin dead, especially if you're doing pet battle daily quests. NPC dragonkin have immense damage potential, and that's why the Pandaren Monk has proven so popular: the combination of Focus Chi and Fury of 1,000 Fists can eliminate enemy dragonkin in one massive blow. The tactic often means losing your monk early, but if it means minimizing the damage the dragonkin can inflict on your team as a whole, it's a worthy sacrifice. Healing abilities like Love Potion won't necessarily save Peddlefeet, only reduce your own damage capabilities.

Lovestruck or Perfumed Arrow comes down to the preferences of the user. Bow Shot and Shot Through the Heart will be your primary damaging abilities, so it doesn't make sense to take a third damaging ability with a 25% chance to stun over an ability that has a 100% chance to stun. The guaranteed stun might save your hide in a pinch, but the unknown 25% is a crapshoot.

All of that said, however, choosing the ability configuration of Rapid Fire, Perfumed Arrow, and Love Potion might be a valid tactic all on its own. You alternate between Rapid Fire and Perfumed Arrow, using Love Potion on cooldown. You might kill the enemy on the field with a streak of lucky stuns from Perfumed Arrow, but if not, you've likely stayed on the field long enough to put the hurt on your opponent's benched pets, giving you the long-term advantage in the end. If your primary interest is killing dragonkin, however, I'd strongly recommend the first configuration.

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