Visualized: HTC folding and 'double-dip' colored cases for the One

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Mat Smith
February 19th, 2013
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Visualized: HTC folding and 'double-dip' colored cases for the One

If you're looking to prop up that incoming HTC One for extended viewing or simply protect it from pavements and other hard surfaces, the company is demoing two different series of cases alongside its new phone. First up, a leather-finish foldable cover will protect corners and edges, with the back folding out to create a horizontal stand for the One. The second option takes a page from the style guide of HTC's Windows Phone 8X with a two-tone plastic cover. Both end pieces (which are a different color to the main part) are removable and exchangeable, adding another color option to the white and black base units. We've also been told that an in-car mount will also be available, but HTC didn't have pricing on any of the new additions just yet. Some older add-ons were on display as well, including a 6,000mAh Battery Bar, Car Stereo Clip and HDMI kit. Check 'em all out in the gallery below.

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Zach Honig contributed to this report.

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