Breakfast Topic: What have WoW's cinematic trailers inspired you to try in game?

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It should have surprised no one that a recent Breakfast Topic poll showed fully one-third of WoW Insider readers were inspired to roll a druid by World of Warcraft's original cinematic trailer. The night elf's fluid spring into cat form set the tone for the game's portrayal of Azeroth, showing us a foreign world we could slip into as naturally as diving into water. Want to lose yourself in fantasy? Simply make the leap.

Doubtless, other trailers have provided equally fertile seeds for active player imaginations. The Mists of Pandaria cinematic (shown above) not only treats viewers to a gritty yet humorous glimpse of the expansion, but also dangles a hint at an in-game achievement for eagle-eyed viewers. Have you checked this achievement off your list yet?

While many players only watch Blizzard's trailers when they first come out as part of the amp-up, ramp-up pre-expansion frenzy, others dwell over each trailer's minutiae. Where is the story headed? Is there a new look or sound that might carry over into the game world? Are there clues or glimpses of important lore background or fresh story developments?

What has caught your fancy in WoW's cinematic trailers? Have you ever changed your plans on what to play and do in an expansion based on what you saw in a trailer? Are any of your characters based on characters or scenes you spotted in a trailer?
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