How you can get your hands on Google Glass early (update)

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How you can get your hands on Google Glass early (update)

So when can you get your very own slice of Google future? Perhaps sooner than you thought. The company's just outlined a competition that will put its Glass device in the hands of non-developer types. Using Twitter or Google+, you'll need to outline what you would do if you had the device -- we're guessing they want to see some big ideas. Applications need to be less than 50 words and tagged with #ifihadglass. Media-wise, you can include photos and even a short video to support your application. Alas, for now at least, the process is only for those over 18 and is currently US-only. The deadline is February 27th and winners will be made a Glass Explorer -- quite the title. The best 8,000 applicants will still have to preorder their own Glass Explorer Edition ($1,500 plus tax) but there'll be special pick-up sessions held in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Until then, Google's offered up a whole new gallery of images to help you imagine how you might look with its high-tech wearable.

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Update: Google's also crafted a meatier video for the UI within Glass. It's embedded after the break, but we've taken a closer look here.

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