PlayStation 4 will stream gameplay to friends, allow them to take the reins

Sharing in-game screenshots? That's last-generation stuff -- Sony wants to give gamers the ability to share their entire game with friends. Taking the stage at the company's PlayStation event, Mark Cerny explained that PS4 owners will be able to share their gameplay stream with friends, even giving their peers the ability remotely take control of the game to help them get through a tough spot. Sound familiar? It's Gaikai's streaming technology, in action. Gaikai founder Dave Perry explained that the technology is baked in to the PS4 architecture, and will give players new avenues of sharing their experiences by piping out video to Facebook and Ustream. The cloud gaming trick is central to the PlayStation Store too, promising to allow gamers the ability to "instantly experience anything." In other words, try before you buy, and forget about waiting for downloads. It's not quite the game streaming announcement we expected, but Sony certainly seems to be putting the technology to good use.

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