Arcane Legends gets a new expansion, with a new exclusive item from TUAW

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|02.21.13

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Arcane Legends gets a new expansion, with a new exclusive item from TUAW

Spacetime Studios is releasing an update for its latest mobile MMO this afternoon, called Arcane Legends, and not only will you get access to a bunch of new content, but TUAW has an exclusive item for you to download in the game. The expansion is called Kraken Isles, and contains all sorts of fun new content to play with, from new areas to new armor sets, a level cap raise, lots of pirate-y action and a reset of the leaderboards so you can keep battling for the top place.

But that's not all -- in addition to the new expansion, TUAW has a promo code for the game that will nab you an exclusive item based on your class. To get it for free, all you have to do is obviously download and start up the app (it's free), create your character, and then play through the introductory area. Once you reach the first multiplayer section (called the town of Windmoore), you just open up the chat pane and then type in "/promocode tuawkraken" (without the quote marks), and you'll get your free item!

Pretty cool. Spacetime has been doing a great job on these MMOs for years, and the latest Arcane Legends release looks like no exception. If you haven't jumped in to play the game yet, definitely give it a download, and be sure to grab your free item from TUAW, too!

Update: One quick note: The exclusive item won't go live until the expansion does, which we're told will be later on this afternoon. So check back then if the code doesn't work yet.

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