What will be your first priority in Patch 5.2?

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Olivia Grace
February 21, 2013 9:00 PM
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What will be your first priority in Patch 5.2?
A Day on the Isle of Thunder
There, on the horizon to the Northwest, do you see it? Daggers of lightning spear through clusters of dark clouds filling the air with electricity you can almost feel crackling against your skin. There's a sense of foreboding that clings, and something else...
Community Manager Crithto has written a blog post, telling the world about his imagined first day on the Isle of Thunder. He spoke of having bought the Tillers farm, and set his hearthstone in his new plot of land. He also planted some crops according to the work orders that had come in, allowing him to gain reputation with factions other than the Tillers by growing vegetables to help them on their way. Having dealt with his farm, it's over to the Shado-Pan Garrison to get a ride over to Lor'themar and the Isle of Thunder dailies, using Shan'ze Ritual Stones to summon a rare, and a chance of winning a mount, as well as contributing to the Horde's war effort. Lastly, a rare key drop allows him a chance to enter the Treasure Room!

That's Crithto's day, but what part of the plethora of new content coming with patch 5.2 will be your top priority? Will you do the new factions' dailies, or will you dive straight into the new raids, or perhaps farm some rares, hoping for a mount drop?

Or will your first action to be the purchase of the Sunsong Ranch? Heading into the arena is, unfortunately, out of the question for a week after the appearance of the patch, so that's not an option, but perhaps the PvP dailies will do the trick.

What will be your first priority in Patch 52Personally, that's what I'll be trying out. Despite my long-term dislike of daily quests, the new PvP version was actually really good fun on the PTR, the added element of risk contributing to make quests which were not excessively arduous decent entertainment. I particularly enjoy the idea of taking a team to kill the mini-boss deep within the Horde keep, and wreaking some havoc while we're at it. In order to do the quests, there's a single-player scenario to get through, which is short and sweet, and just tricky enough to be entertaining. Better yet, every time I've done it on the PTR, I've won a key to the Treasure Room!

But what takes your fancy in patch 5.2? If you're not sure, do check out all our coverage to help you plan out your early days on the Isle of Thunder. You may only have until March 5 to decide!

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