Enyo arrives to Windows 8, WP8 and Blackberry 10 with version 2.2

Enyo arrives to Windows 8, WP and Blackberry 10 with version 22

Enyo originally came along from HP to help developers create resolution-independent webOS apps, but since version 2.0, it's become platform agnostic. While support for Windows 8 and WP8 through IE10 has been around for awhile, version 2.2 now brings packaged app creation for those OSes along with Blackberry 10 at the highest Tier 1 support level. The platform still requires native "container" software to package apps, with Enyo advising Visual Studio for Windows 8 and Cordova for WP8 and Blackberry 10. The company's swatted a few bugs and added contextual popups too, so if you're looking to get your JavaScript on, hit the source.