Infamous: Second Son coughs up details on smoky hero, Seattle setting

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Infamous: Second Son coughs up details on smoky hero, Seattle setting
Sucker Punch announced Infamous: Second Son at this week's PlayStation 2013 event, following an intro by game director Nate Fox that can only be described as... disturbing. So can the electric series' latest entry live up to his intensity? Well, there's a ways to go yet before we'll find out - Sony hasn't revealed if Second Son will be at the PS4's launch - but Sucker Punch took to the PlayStation Blog to shine a bit more light on the game.

Second Son is set seven years after Infamous 2, and in Seattle - a real-life location as opposed to Empire City, which was based on New York. It stars 24-year-old Delsin Rowe, who Sucker Punch paints as a self-described underachiever. Whereas previous protagonist Cole McGrath was all about electricity, Rowe's superpowers, at least initially, revolve around smoke. That may not sound as badass as electric powers at first, but the game's debut trailer showed a smoked Rowe can whip up plenty of havoc.

As for Fox's (melo)dramatic intro, that was designed to underline the paranoia and restricted freedoms of Second Son's world in the wake of the last game's cataclysmic events. As you might expect, the prohibitory forces in charge and new hero Rowe aren't exactly best mates.

On a final gameplay note, Sucker Punch suggested we could see the return of good/evil choices as per previous games: "As with all games in this series," said producer Brian Fleming, "the path the gameplay and story take will depend on the decisions you make along the way." %Gallery-179480%
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