Poll: The worst boss of tier 14

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Poll: The worst boss of tier 14
Poll The worst boss of tier 14
Don't pretend you didn't see this coming after the earlier poll asking about the best boss of tier 14. Where there is light, there is shadow, and just as we love to discuss the best of a raid tier here at WoW Insider, we find ourselves duty bound to also talk about its bad sides. What was your worst boss in tier 14?

For me, again, just expressing a personal opinion, not a statement of fact, the worst bosses were the worst bosses thanks to either mechanics which I found gimmicky, or fights that seemed overly long and sluggish. Leaping to the head of the pack for my worst boss in the tier, then, is Amber Shaper Un'sok. His random transformation of players into vehicles with, as you'd expect in a vehicle, completely revamped abilities, is frustrating at best. In fact, I say it's random, but it isn't. Almost without exception, Un'sok has a remarkable ability to target the player least equipped to deal with a sudden transformation into Lord Ryolith. If the vehicle was something that could be targeted, or selected for a specific player, it would be fine, but that isn't the case. He is, therefore, number one on my worst boss list.

As can be seen from the header image, Garalon's up there too. He's not the worst, partly because successfully kiting pheromones the first few times is rather satisfying, but his sneaky wall-hugging tactics and frustrating mechanics make him a strong contender. Also, for me, Lei Shi has got to come in the top five. For starters, the voice acting starts off cute, then gets annoying, but worse, she keeps going on about how players are hurting her and scaring her, and it makes me feel bad! Apart from that, hunting a hidden boss with AoE is not the most fun mechanic. Yes, you can sort of see the little splashes, if your graphics are high enough, but it's not that easy. What's more, as a shaman who only has two ground-based AoE spells and one target based one, it's hard to help out! And personally, particularly in the Raid Finder, the sheer length of the fights in Terrace bothers me. I don't know if I've just been unlucky with groups, or some other factor, but the fights seem to drag on, and on, and on.

What do you think? Which is the worst boss in tier 14? And no, you can't pick several. This is not a democracy, apart from how it kind of is, with the voting and everything.


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