PS4's final look is unknown even to a Sony exec, but it won't support the DualShock 3

There's been some debate over the state of the PlayStation 4's hardware when Sony declined to display the console itself at its PlayStation Meeting. As we're quickly learning, the company had good reason to keep the box under wraps: it's not quite done yet. Sony Computer Entertainment Japan President Hiroshi Kawano has revealed to 4Gamer that even he hasn't seen the finished system, and he only saw the DualShock 4 the day before it went on stage. We wouldn't worry about the design's progress just yet, but the news hints that Sony's timing on pulling it all together is much tighter than it was for the PS3 -- although that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Whatever the PS4 looks like in the end, we know it won't support the DualShock 3. Perpetual font of wisdom (and Worldwide Studios President) Shuhei Yoshida has warned that the PlayStation Move is the only controller making the leap to the next generation. That's not entirely surprising given the changes in button layout and the addition of some Move technology -- Sony likely wants to set some expectations, and our existing game library won't play on the PS4 as-is. The cutoff may still be disappointing for anyone who invested in a full set of gamepads for LittleBigPlanet sessions and has to once more start from scratch.