Ceton reveals Android, Windows Media Center integration details for its Echo

Just after launch, Ceton announced it would bring Android to the Echo Windows Media Center Extender by the end of last year. Owners of the device have been left wondering ever since then: what's the holdup? Now the Ceton Blog has spelled out what's taking so long. Essentially the story goes that Android is optimized for touch screens, rather than the big screen, and the company decided to hold off until some changes could be made. Most interestingly, one of those changes is integrating Windows Media Center into Android, allowing users to access all the content that both platforms have to offer in a single user interface. A hefty goal indeed and one worth waiting for, but the question of when remains. While the post does include some interesting screen shots and other details -- like Windows 8 support -- it stops just short of making another promise to deliver the update in any particular amount time.