Steve's 'One More Things' all in one video

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|02.25.13

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Steve's 'One More Things' all in one video

Steve Jobs' "One More Thing" pronouncements made for some of the most memorable and fun moments of the various Apple events he hosted over the years. Near the end of each show, he would usually pull out a "I've got one more thing to share with you" reveal, and it would always be something not necessarily groundbreaking, but always charming and fun. The G4 Cube, the iPod shuffle and FaceTime were all announced as "One More Thing," and while I'd argue that none of those were really that influential, they're definitely well-used and well-remembered by the Apple faithful.

And now, someone's collected (almost) all of the "One More Thing" mentions all together in one video below. It's fascinating for a number of reasons, both just as a collection of the "One More Thing" moments, but also as a timeline of Jobs' presentation style, as he slowly refined and cultivated the mystique that he was eventually so well-known for. At the beginning of the video, "One More Thing" is just something he says in the course of his talk, but near the end, it's become an event all its own. It's very cool to watch these back to back for sure.

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