Dell XPS 10 Windows RT tablet revisits the FCC with AT&T LTE onboard

We've already seen Dell's XPS 10 Windows RT slate torn open for an FCC-certified peek at its internals, but here it is in the filings again with an extra bonus: cellular connectivity. Thanks to its Snapdragon S4 CPU it was already LTE ready and this J42A tags on a W to its part number, packing LTE equipment for bands 4 and 17 which are compatible with AT&T's network. Dell originally mentioned an HSPA+/LTE model would appear after the WiFi version launched and that day is likely close at hand -- a good thing, if you're waiting for an alternative to the Tegra 3-powered ASUS VivoTab RT with LTE.

Dell XPS 10 Windows RT tablet revisits the FCC, with AT&T LTE onboard