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Samsung Galaxy S IV design, specs potentially leaked on Twitter (update: they're from Expansys)

Even as the secret of Samsung's Galaxy S IV has been handed off to some teenager, the @evleaks Twitter account (which has been reliable in the past) just posted a supposed pic of and specs for the phone. Along with what's clearly a rendering and potentially just a placeholder image of the phone, the specs list a Super AMOLED Full HD screen of unknown size, 16GB/32GB/64GB storage options with 2GB of RAM, a 13MP camera and Android 4.2 OS. A second image shows the same mockup lined up with previous Galaxy phones apparently confirming its status as the largest one yet, although that's not surprising given recent trends. Of course, given what we know about the lengths Samsung went to protect the design of the Galaxy S III (multiple designs, hand-delivered prototypes), you'll forgive us for reserving judgement until the real thing is shown off on March 14th.

Update: We've been informed that both renders are from e-tailer Expansys, which adds yet another dusting of salt to the reliability of these specs. The listing also throws in that rumored eye-based scrolling feature. Jeremy is in big trouble.

Update 2: Now evleaks has deleted the original tweets -- anyone else ready for 9 more days like this?

Samsung Galaxy S IV design, specs potentially leaked on Twitter