Yu Suzuki thinking about crowdfunding for Shenmue 3

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Shenmue 3 is sort of becoming a possibility again, just in time to make sure that wound will never, ever heal. During the MAGS (Monaco Anime Game Show) over the weekend, Sega legend Yu Suzuki told journalist Sebastien-Abdelhamid that he is considering Kickstarter-style crowdfunding for the long-lost project. With the budget for the first two games somewhere in the $70 million area, that could be one ambitious Kickstarter.

Suzuki also said (more realistically) that he wants to continue the Shenmue storyline in an anime or manga. In either case, he'd need to obtain rights to his own license from Sega, something he has discussed in the past. The odd racing game cameo aside, Sega's not doing anything with it.
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