Globalgig expands its roaming hotspot coverage into more English-speaking countries (plus Sweden and Denmark)

More good news for anyone that likes to buy their overseas data in bulk. Voiamo's Globalgig service is making good on its promise of worldwide domination expansion, announcing deals with carriers in Ireland, Hong Kong, Sweden and Denmark. The company has also detailed a 18-month deal that will net users the typically $119 mobile hotspot for free, with the same per-month pricing as its off-contract setup. Monthly charges start at a (now reduced) $17 for a gig of data, moving up to 10GB for $80 a month. Our overseas editors will be putting Globalgig's hotspot through its paces at Expand in a few weeks time.

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Globalgig Introduces New Competitive Alternatives to Costly Mobile Data Plans

New flat rate pricing packages offer travelers affordable mobile broadband anywhere across Globalgig's expanding international network; at home in the USA or overseas in the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Ireland, Sweden & Denmark

New York and London – March 6, 2013 – Voiamo, the pioneer in affordable international mobile broadband, today announced its Globalgig service has introduced a new suite of low cost mobile data plans. Globalgig is a unique service that removes the need for expensive roaming costs when accessing mobile broadband across its international network. With new flat rate pricing packages that are amongst the best for use within the USA, Globalgig offers incredible savings of up to 93%[1] of the amount major wireless providers charge for 1 Gb of data used overseas[2].

Effective today, Globalgig offers the following data packages for mobile broadband access in any country where service is available.

With the new data plans, Globalgig breaks broadband boundaries, not the bank.

· With great reductions on Globalgig's data packages – the 1GB plan is reduced by 32% to just $17 – customers no longer need to worry about generating massive mobile data bills.

· A new 18 month contract offer is launched that includes the Globalgig WiFi hotspot for free – it normally retails for $119.

· For those customers preferring a shorter monthly contract the Globalgig WiFi hotspot is on special promotion at just $99.

Furthermore, Globalgig is expanding its international network geographic coverage to include Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, and Hong Kong in addition to the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Access to affordable, fast mobile data is increasingly important for both business and leisure travelers. A hotel business and technology research survey[3] on mobile device habits of business travelers worldwide shows a growing demand for international connectivity to smartphones and tablet computers. 74% of business travelers bring their smartphones on their trips, while 65% carry along tablets. Checking email (90%) along with internet browsing and social networking (75%) ranked as the primary uses of traveling with these devices. Globalgig's mobile broadband service elegantly fulfills that need.

"Globalgig is dedicated to offering travelers an easier and more affordable alternative to stay connected while moving between countries. That's why we are expanding our service throughout the world and have made our rates among the best in the US- so you get the benefits of using it even when you're not traveling overseas," said Nigel Bramwell, CEO of Voiamo. "Just to give you a sense of perspective, some American cell phone providers charge as much as $50 per GB in the US alone. Using that data internationally can raise rates astonishingly high, in some cases totaling thousands of dollars. We are charging $17 for the same amount to enable mobile users to be online in a secure and productive fashion."

Whether you're a frequent business traveler or budget-minded globetrotter, Globalgig keeps you connected to the devices you rely on the most for work or play:

· Up to five devices can be connected simultaneously at high speed to any single Globalgig Hotspot by simply switching it on and accessing the internet.

· In the US, Globalgig customers can access fast, secure internet speeds using the Mobile Hotspot device that is powered by Sprint's wireless network.

· There are no hidden charges, and users can easily cancel or make changes to their plan by providing notice up to 48 hours prior to the end of their billing cycle.