Battleground queue changes save us from ourselves

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Battleground queue changes save us from ourselves
Battleground queue change
OK, own up. How many times have you done it? You know what I'm on about. You get your friends together into a group, you're planning to do a few battlegrounds, you check everyone's ready, hit the queue button and wait. The queue pops, you take it, and there you are in a battleground all by yourself. You've accidentally queued for a solo battleground, not queued as a group with your friends.

Reddit user Daithe obviously had the same problem, as they posted about this change on Reddit last night. And WoW Insider is so excited about the prospect of no longer abandoning our friends in the relevant Shrine, that we thought we'd share it with you all.

You can see that the PvP interface has had a considerable facelift with the patch, and yes, the screenshot uses ElvUI, but the Join Battle button is still front and center, while the Join as Group button slopes off to the side. But, if you accidentally hit the Join as Party button when in a group, you now get this error screen, asking if you're sure you want to queue as solo. WoW Insider thinks the warning could be a bit stronger, calling the PvP columnist a muppet for yet again clicking the wrong button, or something.

We love it when these little quality of life changes sneak into the game, so own up, are you as grateful as we are for what might be the mysterious, revolutionary, world-shaping, game-changing feature Ghostcrawler was talking about?

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