BMW readying vehicle loaner program to help i3 buyers avoid range anxiety

Range anxiety? Clearly, the decisive issue of today's automotive age. In an effort to avoid "pulling a Tesla" (or "pulling a Musk," as it's uttered in some circles), BMW is reportedly planning to offer petrol-powered loaners to i3 buyers who need to -- you know -- actually drive somewhere other than work. All snark aside, it's clear that the 80 to 100 mile range on the 2014-bound i3 won't mesh with longer road trips -- at least not until the charging infrastructure advances by a few years -- and that's a problem that could sway potential buyers into siding with a more conventional automobile.

According to WardsAuto, however, BMW is piecing together a program that would allow i3 buyers to grab a gasoline-powered Bimmer when long hauls are necessary, and the loaner program will be bundled into the cost of the car. Of course, no one's saying what kind of limits will be put in place here, but you can rest assured that the bigwigs in Munich won't tolerate any abuse.