Call to Auction talks economy and professions with the devs

The Call to Auction podcast, which features our own Basil "Euripides" Berntsen, recently had the opportunity to send a big batch of questions about WoW's auction house, economy, and professions to developers Greg Street and He-Rim Woo. The devs gave out some great info, some highlights of which include:

  • There are no plans for a sweeping auction house redesign

  • Due to the popularity of the cooking and blacksmithing catch-up mechanisms, similar mechanisms for herbalism and mining might be on the way

  • The Guardian Cub experiment was just that, and it's unlikely there'll be another item like it

  • Splitting items off of a stack in the auction house is also unlikely going forward

  • It's possible that buy orders will be implemented for high-cost items like Mechano-Hogs, unlikely for stuff like flasks and enchants

  • The mailbox as the AH delivery system doesn't feel quite right and may eventually change

You can read the full interview on the Consortium forums.