Google Fiber app reaches all Android 4.1 devices

If you're one of the precious few to have access to Google Fiber, you may have been disappointed by the need to use its companion app on a Nexus 7 -- a fine tablet, but certainly not the only device in Google's universe. Thankfully, a new update significantly broadens that pool. The app should now offer remote control and content browsing on phones and tablets that run Android 4.1 or later, whether it's a Nexus 4 or the upcoming Galaxy S 4. Viewers should also see a simpler interface, no matter what hardware they're using. Those fortunate enough to have the fiber TV service just need to swing past Google Play to expand their control of the living room.

Update: As many of you noticed and now Google has confirmed in a blog post discussing the redesign, the update lets the app run on any devices running Android 4.1 or higher, not just 4.2.