Metareview: Gears of War - Judgment

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Metareview: Gears of War - Judgment
Today is Judgment Day for Gears of War - or at least it's the day when reviews of the series' latest entry start popping up online. Once you've read our findings on how People Can Fly fared with Gears, check out some other evaluations and what they had to say.
  • Destructoid (90/100): "OverRun alone is worthy of praise, but there's just so much stuff going on in this package, there's something for all followers of the series. A few of Judgment's experiments may not be as fondly received as others, but overall it's hard to complain about a game that tries so much, and succeeds in almost all its endeavors...This is Gears of War back, unquestionably, on the winning path."
  • EGM (80/100): "While the emphasis on fast-paced replayability and a more intimate, nuanced narrative do wonders for Judgment's single-player campaign, the game is ultimately held back by its surprisingly meager multiplayer offering."
  • Eurogamer (80/100): "Even with the pall of over-familiarity lingering over it, Gears of War: Judgment is a timely reminder that ruthless focus on gameplay, generosity towards players and good old-fashioned design craft can still pay dividends at a time when big-budget action games are at risk of fragmenting into splinters of mindless busywork. Sometimes, being a bloody good shooter is all that's required."
  • Giant Bomb (60/100): "There's just enough exposition there to keep things moving and just enough of a gameplay tweak to make you wish they had made these changes two games ago. It's a fun but feature-light shooter for people who already enjoy the basic style of Gears of War. Nothing more, nothing less."
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