Cupertino hotel installs Apple TVs in every room

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Cupertino hotel installs Apple TVs in every room

Starwood Hotels' Aloft Hotel, which is just around the corner from Apple's campus in Cupertino, has fitted all 123 of its rooms with Apple TVs. In a press release the company said, "Guests can choose among thousands of movies and TV shows from iTunes, connect to Netflix for films, Hulu for television shows, for sports and much more. Apple TV's Airplay feature will also let guests play video, show off photos and enjoy music from any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch – right on their 42-inch LCD in-room TV."

CNET notes that the hotel can also display information through the AppleTV in the form of videos, PDFs and images. For example, the hotel could display its restaurant menus as an image file in the Photos app on the Apple TV. The hotel-specific media runs off of a hotel server.

As for the individual Apple TVs, each room will have its own wireless network so guess don't accidentally stream media from their MacBooks to another room's Apple TV. CNET also notes that the Apple TVs can be configured to display any country-specific iTunes store before the guest arrives. In addition, each Apple TV is wiped clean when a guest leaves to prevent stored iTunes and Netflix logins and passwords being left on the device.

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