MyFitnessPal app to sync data with NetPulse and Matrix 7xi equipment

It's all well and good to maintain a food diary and an exercise log on your path to get fitter, but sometimes it's a pain to enter workout stats manually. MyFitnessPal has partnered up with Johnson Health Tech and Netpulse to solve at least one part of the equation. By working together, the free MyFitnessPal app syncs to any gym equipment that uses the NetPulseOne platform, leaving the daily diet as the only entry you have to make manually. In the next few months, the app will also be integrated with Johnson Health Tech's new Matrix 7xi series of cardio equipment for automatic syncing. MyFitnessPal has worked with other solutions like Fitbit and WiThings since it opened up its API last October, and while we can't assess its effectiveness just yet, at least you won't have to wear this dorky shirt while sweating it to the oldies.