The Swapper takes a spin on Steam this spring

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The Swapper takes a spin on Steam this spring

The Swapper, an indie marvel more than two years in the making, is coming to Steam for PC this spring, and later to Mac and Linux. If the gameplay demonstrated in The Swapper's Steam launch trailer looks funky to you, that's because it is – developer Facepalm created the entire game using photos of real-life clay models. The above video offers the first glimpse at gameplay since May 2011.

The Swapper is backed by Indie Fund, the company behind high-profile indies Dear Esther and Q.U.B.E., and it already has a wall full of accolades, including a featured spot in PAX Prime's PAX10 last year and IndieCade's Special Recognition award.

Facepalm previously mentioned PC, Mac and "maybe something else" as potential platforms, and co-founder Olli Harjola tells Joystiq he's looking at other, mysterious consoles: "Let's say I'm currently open to putting the game on new platforms where we don't need to make compromises regarding the experience. There's nothing concrete yet."

The Swapper will be a part of Indie Megabooth at PAX East (which starts on Friday, March 22), along with an appearance at GDC the following week.%Gallery-183342%
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Indie Fund-backed The Swapper coming to Steam, releases new trailer

HELSINKI, FINLAND – 19th March 2013 – Facepalm Games announces today that The Swapper will be launching on Steam in April Spring 2013, and marks the occasion with an all-new trailer.
The Swapper is an atmospheric, 2D puzzle-platformer whose accolades include IndieCade's Special Recognition Award, and selection for the PAX10 2012. It uses handmade art to render an explorable space station in unique detail, while gameplay sees players swap between different bodies to access long-hidden parts of the station, discover what brought them here, and whether or not it will let them leave. The game is backed by Indie Fund.

The announcement coincides with the release of the first official footage of the game since May 2012. The new trailer offers a glimpse of the story and atmosphere of the finished title.
Facepalm's Olli Harjola, along with narrative designer, Tom Jubert, will be demoing the game in the Indie Megabooth at PAX East this weekend, and attending GDC the following week.
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