iPhone tops J.D. Power customer satisfaction survey again

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|03.21.13

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iPhone tops J.D. Power customer satisfaction survey again

Make a little more room in the trophy case: the iPhone has topped J.D. Power and Associates' consumer satisfaction survey yet again in the category of wireless smartphones. For the ninth study in a row, Apple has earned the top numbers, scoring 855 on a survey that tracks issues like performance, ease of operation, physical design and various features. Overall smartphone numbers are up as well to around a score of 796, an increase of 22 points over last year. It's pretty easy to ascribe most of that satisfaction to Apple: the company's meteoric growth has definitely encouraged the smartphone market, and even its competitors are pushed to make better products thanks to the iPhone.

Elsewhere in J.D. Power's survey, the company found that despite this higher satisfaction, about two in ten customers are still experiencing software or hardware issues with their phones. Not surprisingly, smartphone users who use their phones a lot are more likely to recommend them to others: customers who spent more than 100 minutes a week on their phones are 14 percent more likely to recommend their specific model than those that spend less time. When you combine that with the fact that iPhone users tend to use their phones a lot more than other brands, it makes sense that so many iPhones come so highly recommended.

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