JVC will launch its first (sort of) 8K projector later this month in Japan, for $261,000

JVC showed off a prototype 8K Super Hi-Vision projector in 2008 at CEATEC, and now it's ready to ship a real product later this month, dubbed the DLA-VS4800. JVC's e-Shift pixel technology is at play here, which we first saw in consumer products with the '4K' projectors it shipped in 2011, and updated in last year's models. Basically the D-ILA display panel inside the device is half the resolution (in this one, 4,096 x 2,400) but projects two images alternated at 120Hz, one shifted slightly diagonally. This creates the impression of a higher res display, without actually upping the pixel count.

Based on our demos of the tech at CEDIA for the last two years, the effect is very convincing, however with AV Watch's presumed price tag of 25 million yen ($261k US -- and that's without the 4 available lenses, which have no price), we might want a few more real pixels, if such a product were available for purchase. Still, if you want the first 8K display device on the block, this is your only choice, unless you can convince Sharp to part with one of its sweet 8K Super Hi-Vision LCD prototypes (we've asked, we've begged, we've planned Ocean's 11-style heists -- it's not possible.) The other issue is that you'll still need some content to view, and with the roadmap currently putting test broadcasts in 2016, leaving this one to the museums and planetariums it's intended for may be the best course of action.