Ronimo Games considering crowdfunding for Awesomenauts content

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Ronimo Games considering crowdfunding for Awesomenauts content
Awesomenauts developer Ronimo Games is considering a crowdfunding approach to make its next project a reality. The developer self-published Awesomenauts on Steam in August 2012, and has since offered a number of updates and extra content for the PC version of the game.

Though the developer's next project is "not Awesomenauts 2," it does have ambitions to expand on Awesomenauts. "There are some bigger features that we want to try to do, but we don't have the capacity to really do that right now," Ronimo Games co-founder Jasper Koning told Joystiq during PAX East.

Crowdfunding extra content has lead to success before, most recently in the case of a successful Indiegogo campaign to bring new characters to Skullgirls. The campaign reached its $150,000 goal in less than 24 hours.

As seen with Lab Zero Games, the costs for creating new content for its fighting game made the goal a reasonable one to obtain. Likewise, Ronimo Games has added four characters and a number of maps to Awesomenauts in the game's lifetime, and has offered that content to Steam players for free.

Not every piece of additional Awesomenauts content is free, as the developer sells character skins. Without revealing any specific numbers, Koning told Joystiq the "skins do very well, we're not getting really rich off of it, but well enough for us."
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