T-Mobile handsets will remain network-locked, can be freed when the device is yours

At T-Mobile's UnCarrier event, there's been a lot of talk about how you, the customer, are no longer tied in. No contracts, no obligations, no restrictions, right? Turns out that new iPhone you've just paid $100 upfront for isn't so liberal, as the carrier has said any handsets you pick up will be locked to the T-Mobile network. There is a welcome caveat though: as long as you've paid the cost of the phone off, the Magenta mob will unlock it for you. That means if you're unhappy with whatever new plan you're on, you can take the phone elsewhere with a flat, one-time payment, or installments of your choice -- whether that's continuing on a monthly basis, or larger sums at an accelerated rate. Of course, if you just want out, you can always trade it back for a "fair" amount.

Update: We spoke with Apple regarding specifics of the new hardware and the unlocking details, which can be found here.