Google TV Remote app for Android gets its first update, with voice search and design tweaks

The official Google TV Remote app for Android has been around since late 2010, but it only just received its first update since launch. So what's changed? Support for voice commands has been extended for compatibility with Voice Search on Google TV 3.0, the old swiping directional circle has been replaced with an easier to use tappable d-pad, the look has changed slightly (check after the break for a screen of the old UI) there's accessibility support, and now the icon is sporting a small microphone. They're all minor tweaks, but after a couple of years, it's nice to see any attention being paid. We'll see if bigger changes for the platform are in store at Google I/O in May.

Update: Now that the official app has been updated, third party apps may add similar features, including the popular Able Remote which also added Voice Search.