PSA: HTC One pre-orders start at AT&T today, Sprint tomorrow

You've been eying the HTC One's zero-gap body for well over a month, and now it's your chance to do something about it. AT&T is launching its promised pre-order campaign for the One today: soon, if not as you read this, upgraders and new subscribers can plunk down as little as $200 for a 32GB model or $300 for the network-exclusive 64GB edition. While these buyers likely won't get their phones until closer to the April 19th store date, that free Media Link HD offer remains on the table to encourage an early commitment. And those who prefer service from the House of Hesse don't have long to wait, either -- Sprint's pre-orders for the One begin tomorrow, with a similar $200 outlay involved for the 32GB variant. All that's left is for T-Mobile's edition to follow suit.