Visualized: Sony teases prototype 4K cameras and lenses at NAB

At its NAB 2013 press conference, Sony told us several times that it never stops thinking about the future. It's fitting, then, that in addition to announcing pricing for two 4K sets, the company gave us a taste of what's to come a few years down the line. A wide variety of lenses, including both current models and some prototypes, appeared on stage briefly -- behind ropes, no less -- and while we got no shortage of shots, specs, model names and any other particulars were strictly off-limits. Current optics included basic wide-angle and telephoto models, and of the two prototype cameras on display, one was of particular interest, due in no small part to its DSLR-like form-factor -- this could perhaps become Sony's version of the Canon EOS-1D C. Unfortunately, Sony says that these devices won't make it to market for quite some time, so photogs will have to make do with this eye candy for now.

Zach Honig contributed to this report.