Patent troll Lodsys sues Gameloft, Disney and more for using in-app purchases

Patent troll Lodsys sues Gameloft, Disney and more for ingame app purchases

A company named Lodsys has filed suit against a number of mobile game developers, including Gameloft, Gamevil, and Disney, claiming that they're infringing on patents describing the technology behind in-app purchases. Lodsys is well known for its patent battles, previously filing suits against a number of smaller iOS developers, which forced Apple to get involved to say that it had already licensed Lodsys' patents and any other claims were superfluous. That case is scheduled to go to trial later this year.

The new lawsuits all name one specific title from each company: Gameloft is targeted for the in-app purchases in Real Soccer 2012, and Disney's suit mentions Where's My Water? [pictured]. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has also posted about the lawsuits, calling Lodsys a "patent troll" and asking for legal help to fight the company.